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Access coach Dorothy honored as AmeriCorps Member of the Year

Photo Of Coach Dorothy Holding Her AmeriCorps Member Of The Year Award Joined By College Access Program Coordinator, Christina Jelinek (right) And Senior Executive Director, Arvin Frazier (left).

During College Possible Omaha’s End of Year Celebration, one exceptional individual stood out among the dedicated AmeriCorps members. Dorothy, a college access coach, was recognized as the AmeriCorps Member of the Year. This prestigious award is given to the coach who best embodies the organization’s core values and serves as an outstanding example of an AmeriCorps member, as nominated by their peers.

Dorothy has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to going above and beyond in her role. Whether it involves creating valuable resources for her fellow coaches or organizing extravagant celebrations for the students she serves, Dorothy consistently puts forth her utmost effort.

A shared sentiment among College Possible students and coaches

Throughout the past academic year, countless students have expressed their deep appreciation for Dorothy and the support she has provided during their educational journeys. Shania and Eh Eh, both former members of Dorothy’s cohort at Northwest High School, have shared their heartfelt gratitude for her contributions to their success.

“Thanks to the guidance and support provided by Dorothy, my College Possible coach, I have secured several scholarships including the David Distinguished Scholar Scholarship at UNL, which will help me achieve my dreams without taking on the burden of college debt,” Shania says.

“I’m very thankful for College Possible and for coach Dorothy and the help I’ve received from her. She has helped me with everything, and I’m so grateful,” Eh Eh shares.

Dorothy’s own experience as a College Possible student played a pivotal role in her decision to become an AmeriCorps member and support other College Possible students. One of Dorothy’s own coaches, Erin, was honored as the AmeriCorps Member of the Year in 2018 – an inspiring testament to the organization’s impact on the lives of its participants.

Colleagues and peers have consistently been impressed by Dorothy’s dedication, work ethic, and innovative thinking. She readily shares her knowledge and resources with others, constantly striving to improve her own abilities in order to better serve the students under her care. Dorothy’s fellow AmeriCorps members have expressed their admiration for her tireless commitment to giving students the best possible support.

Fellow AmeriCorps members give praise to Dorothy

AmeriCorps members were asked to nominate a coach and provide a brief statement on why that coach should be awarded, ‘AmeriCorps Member of the Year.’

Dorothy went above and beyond to give students the best support. She was always working on improving to best serve students by creating fun games, pamphlets, and researching additional resources and scholarships. She’s also very giving and cooperates with the other members, sharing knowledge so other coaches can assist students better.

Dorothy is a pleasure to be around and is very dedicated to serving students and the mission of College Possible. She has displayed what a growing and learning AmeriCorps member truly is.

Dorothy was just built different. She went the extra mile in everything she did. Furthermore, she has created materials to benefit future students, too.

I think Dorothy should be AmeriCorps Member of the Year because Dorothy goes above and beyond for students. She is incredibly innovative in how she approaches service. I am very impressed by her dedication and all the hard work she puts in.

Dorothy has consistently impressed me and the other coaches with her incredible work ethic, attention to detail, and innovative thinking. She is constantly finding new ways to support students, from helping pioneer the summer opportunity spreadsheet to creating certificates of promotion for seniors. The students she serves, and our team, are lucky to have her.

Dorothy has gone above and beyond for students all year and is always willing to help other coaches by letting us know how she works with students and gives us different materials that can be helpful for us.

Dorothy has been an outstanding college access coach and provided students with fantastic resources for them to succeed in college.

Dorothy really cares about her role as a coach. She goes above and beyond for students. She loves interacting with students.

Dorothy’s journey with College Possible is far from over as she will be returning for another term of service in the fall. College Possible Omaha is profoundly grateful for Dorothy’s dedication and hard work, which plays a vital role in fulfilling our mission.

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