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A Side Hustle for Good

Rematch Vintage CIRCLE LOGO 2018Angela Scott and her husband Jeff share a passion for vintage fashion and bringing it back into circulation. Rematch Vintage is their Etsy store founded to combat fast-fashion pollution and reduce contamination of the Earth’s resources. What started with a few garments quickly developed into a loyal following and they decided to give back a portion of their proceeds to causes they care about. We sat down with Angela to learn more about Rematch Vintage and why they gave back to College Possible.

What inspired you to start Rematch Vintage?

Rematch grew from several seeds, so it’s a hard tug at one specific root. Primarily, we both have a passion for design and fashion. With its inherent element of rarity, vintage is the perfect way to express individual style. Seasonal trends have an intrinsic influence from the past. While cruising stores from Zara to Neiman Marcus, you’ll see pieces whose very DNA is available on Etsy and in local vintage boutiques. It has just always felt cooler to us to have the real thing, to double-down on what’s ‘in’ with unique authenticity.

How much time do you spend working on Rematch Vintage outside of your “day job”?

I would say about 20 hours a month. We often dedicate a few hours every other weekend to sourcing and processing inventory – taking photos and measurements, listing on Etsy, and preparing orders. Every once in a while I’ll find myself down a rabbit hole researching pieces. We have had – and still have – a few really interesting things come our way. One of my favorites is a jersey from an American soldier based in Japan during World War II. The troops had their own sports leagues, and we have a basketball jersey from one of the teams. That can take a good amount of time, but worth every minute.

Where do you look for vintage clothing items to feature and how do you find and curate Rematch Vintage?

We cruise estate sales and vintage shops regularly, but are lucky to have developed great relationships with a few private sellers. Jeff has been in the fashion industry for more than a decade and has excellent connections with exclusive vintage houses. Through Rematch, we’ve also built a network of other shop owners who all keep an eye out for things that suit our crew’s individual aesthetics. It’s a great community.

What is your favorite vintage clothing item that you have found or own?

I love this question, but am pressed to answer! There are so many to choose from! Starting with our personal collections, we both have our dads’ NFL team tees from the 70s and 80s. We both lost our fathers over the past few years and are beyond glad to have tangible reminders to keep us close. Jeff’s favorite from Rematch is a soon-to-be-available Prince tee. As an unashamed uniphile, my favorite is exactly any of our Ivy League vintage. There’s a 90s pastel/floral Harvard crop top available now that really revs my engine!

What’s your favorite college memory?

I’m exposing my nerdiness here, but mine are late, coffee-powered nights studying in a quiet corner of the library at UW-Milwaukee. A very near second to that are basement hardcore shows in Riverwest, a Milwaukee neighborhood. Jeff’s best memories are DJ-ing for U92 FM, West Virginia University’s station; specifically, interviewing bands at 123 Pleasant Street, a small WVU venue. At the time, these were little-known bands such as The White Stripes and Jimmy Eat World.

What drew you to College Possible and why did you decide to donate?

We are huge proponents for education. Despite the fact that one of us dropped out and the other had a crooked path to graduation, we are extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to go to college. We can’t take for granted the support we had both economically and through access to early education. Neither are promised to many young people, and we love that College Possible pushes against those (and many other) barriers.

Do you have any advice for others on how to give back through a side hustle or small business?

Know your margins and assess whether there is room within them to share. Or consider a non-percentage donation, like a set amount per month to give back. When your business is suddenly about earning more than your own benefit, the motivation for success is different. In other words, you’ll find that you’re no longer working solely for your own bottom line, you’re working for a cause or a community. That changes the game.

In the market for a great vintage tee? Check out Rematch Vintage to get an awesome new look, help the environment and give a little back to local nonprofits. And they’re offering a discount code to save 15% off any purchase, just enter: POSSIBLE15 when you check out.

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