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A Note from Washington’s Executive Director – September 2020

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I shared the exciting news that College Access Now (CAN) had merged with College Possible, a leading national college success organization. CAN made the decision to merge for two reasons, to increase the number of students we serve and do so better and more efficiently.

Flash-forward — what a year it has been! College Possible Washington, like so many of you, is learning to listen, adapt and innovate in 2020. With schools again shifting to remote learning this fall, we’ve had to adjust our program model to match. Because College Possible had virtual learning programs already in place with their tech-connected coaching, we were able integrate and build on that successful approach for our virtual programming. As College Possible Washington, we are better able to focus on what we do best — work with students to get them in and through college!

“Know where you came from” was something my father would say. He meant you wouldn’t be where you are without love, sacrifice and community. CAN is a beautiful part of our history — it was cultivated by caring supporters who collectively believed that educational equity is critical to our state and that when students of color from low-income communities earn their college degrees, we as a society benefit by having their voice and representation present.

Our work is needed now more than ever. Families of color are the most impacted by the pandemic and economic downturn. We are hearing from students that they need to go to work rather than attend college. This is concerning as we know that with every semester they do not enroll, the likelihood of them ever going to college diminishes greatly. We are rolling up our sleeves and Zooming with students to help them navigate the complex college process to ensure they are ready to attend.

I’m so proud of the great team we have this year! Due to COVID-19, the onboarding of our newest team members has looked different from the past, but everyone has risen to the occasion. We’ve spent the last few weeks training our new coaches and I know that we are all prepared to tackle whatever the year ahead holds for us – together.

We carry a deep commitment to the students we serve and thank you for your continued support as we work to get more Washington students to and through college!

Guadalupe Torres

With appreciation,

Guadalupe Torres
Executive Director
College Possible Washington

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