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A marketing grad rises above obstacles with the help of her support system

Photo Of Lessly At Graduation In Her Cap And Gown Holding A Flower Bouquet.

Lessly’s path to graduation was marked by hurdles, setbacks, and moments of self-doubt, but through perseverance and the support of her College Possible coaches, she has emerged triumphant, recently earning a bachelor of science in business administration with a concentration in marketing. She now works as a social media manager for the Omaha Public Library.

Lessly began her college journey at the University of Nebraska Omaha with a clear goal in mind: to obtain a degree that would allow her to have a high-earning job in a field she loves. However, the road to graduation proved to be longer and more challenging than she anticipated. Balancing the demands of academics with two part-time jobs, Lessly faced the daunting task of juggling work and studies.

The COVID-19 pandemic added another layer of complexity to Lessly’s college experience. Like many students, she found it increasingly difficult to secure internships, essential for gaining practical experience in her field. A challenging internship experience further shook her confidence, causing her to question whether marketing was truly her calling. Lessly shares, “I almost thought about wrapping up school then and dropping marketing altogether.”

Amidst these struggles, a beacon of hope emerged in the form of her role as a part-time social media manager for the Omaha Public Library. Having worked at the library since high school, Lessly found solace in familiar surroundings and a supportive mentor who believed in her potential, “She was willing to take the time to teach me because she believed I could be successful.” Her mentor instilled confidence in her at a time when she needed it most. Over the last two years in this role, Lessly has delved deeper into the world of social media marketing, honing her skills, and gaining valuable hands-on experience.

How College Possible helped Lessly navigate the college application process

Central to Lessly’s success story is her involvement with College Possible. From FAFSA assistance to ongoing support from her coaches, College Possible provided Lessly with the tools and resources she needed to thrive academically and emotionally. Lessly recalled her coach from high school, Amanda Burau, who was her coach for both her junior and senior year. Coaches typically change from year to year, and Lessly was grateful to have the same coach at such a crucial time in her academic journey.

Reflecting on her college experience, Lessly acknowledged the misconceptions she had prior to joining College Possible. What she once perceived as a straightforward path to higher education turned out to be a labyrinth of challenges and uncertainties. Yet, with determination and unwavering support, Lessly conquered each obstacle that stood in her way.

Now that Lessly has earned her bachelor’s degree, she has a newfound appreciation for all the hard work she put into the last several years of her college journey. Lessly shares, “Getting this degree gave me undeniable proof that as long as I stay committed and don’t give up, I can do anything.”

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