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A Closer Look At What Washington Is Up To

Recently, College Possible Washington relaunched our internal newsletter for AmeriCorps members and staff. Each month, the newsletter highlights stories from school sites and departments and celebrates our shared accomplishments. This has become an even more important mechanism to keep us connected in our virtual world.

But why keep all these wonderful accomplishments and updates to ourselves? There were so many wonderful stories to share. Here are some selected highlights from our high schools last month:

Franklin High School in Seattle

  • A senior student won the Dell Scholarship! This is a competitive scholarship with a $20,000+ award.
  • Overall completion for FAFSA/WAFSA is 98.7%, an important indictor in a student’s likelihood to enroll in college.

West Seattle High School

  • One senior student was accepted into their top choice school: University of Washington, Tacoma! While a few other seniors earned admission to University of Washington, Seattle this month.
  • Junior students signed up for their classes for senior year, with help and advising from their coach.
  • All College Possible seniors have applied to at least one college or university.

Lindbergh High School in Renton

  • Junior students have been hard at work preparing for the SAT. They took four practice tests in February, have had twice-a-week prep classes, lots of one-on-ones and sessions on test-taking strategies. We’re cheering them on as they take the April SAT!
  • One senior was accepted into their top school and received multiple scholarships and grants through the school, along with winning the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship.
  • So far, at least half of the senior students have earned admission into college–many of them into their top choice school. Next, they’ll be working through financial aid packages and making decisions with guidance from their coach.
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