About College Partnerships

College Possible is dedicated to closing the degree divide between low-income students and their upper-income peers. By partnering with colleges and universities, we can help to eliminate this divide.

We know that low-income students face unique but predictable barriers—financial, social and personal—during their college years. And we know that colleges and universities are dedicated to their students but may not have enough staff or support to provide the individualized attention needed to accompany low-income students through their college experience.

Through College Possible, near-peer coaches support students starting their junior year of high school and stick with them through college graduation. This tailored, individualized support means our students are four times more likely to graduate from college than their low-income peers. And we couldn’t do it without our college partners.

Our Connects Partners work with students in College Possible locations. Connects Partners are focused on the recruitment, enrollment and persistence of College Possible high school students. Our Catalyze Partners are focused on retention and graduation efforts for all low-income and first-generation college students, embedding the College Possible near-peer coaching model into their campus infrastructure.

Learn more about Connects Partnerships and Catalyze Partnerships.

Meet our partners:

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