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Taking our model to your institution

When your higher education institution partners with us through our Catalyze program, you can enhance your on-campus support services for underserved students and help to close the degree divide.

Leveraging our near-peer success coaching model

The power of Catalyze lies in the College Possible near-peer coaching model. Our coaches are recent college graduates themselves, and many come from similar backgrounds as the students they support. This allows them to relate to the perspectives and experiences of the students they mentor, creating a unique level of trust and accountability within the coaching relationship. Partner institutions receive training and support from College Possible, access to our proprietary curriculum and coaching resources, and dedicated liaisons who provide implementation support.

Catalyze is built to impact student persistence and success on college campuses. Our model is unique. It’s designed to help your institution build capacity to ensure success for students from low-income backgrounds by embedding our near-peer coaching model and curriculum on your campus. Using this partnership model, College Possible extends the reach of your campus’ existing student support services, increases student retention rates and closes the opportunity gap.

Making a difference across the country

Multiple studies have validated that a student’s relationship with a coach close to their age produces significant positive outcomes, including:

  • Higher course completion rates
  • Better grades
  • Increased knowledge of campus resources
  • Improved ability to work through difficulties in college
  • Higher self-esteem
Become a Partner

On Campus Coaching

With our guidance, you’ll hire, train and manage your own AmeriCorps coaches. Using our curriculum and extensive training, these on-campus coaches support students through their college journey. Coaches can help with:

  • Connecting with campus resources
  • Social-emotional skill development
  • Financial aid renewal
  • Course registration
  • Scholarships

Research-Based Curriculum

Coaches use our research-based curriculum to guide students through their college experience. Our decades of experience working with students from low-income backgrounds has influenced how coaches can best support students. We focus on three areas:

  • Academic success
  • Personal development
  • Financial management

On-Boarding & Training

Our staff trains your coaches through:

  • Robust onboarding and continuous 
 learning structure
  • E-learning modules and resources in our
 learning management system
  • Virtual meetings, workshops and seminars
  • Training from outside experts

Data and Evaluation

Together, we’ll set institution-specific goals for program enrollment, student interaction, financial aid renewal and student retention. We’ll use this information to assess progress and impact, ensuring that goals are being met. As a partner, you will receive:

  • Licenses for Salesforce
  • Bi-annual impact reports, including program
 evaluation from College Possible coaches 
 and students

Community of Practice

Your coaches have access to a community of practice with other near-peer coaches across the country. This network helps coaches navigate obstacles and generate resources for students. Coaches can access virtual collaboration tools to discuss topics such as:

  • Successful coaching methods
  • Effective student outreach techniques
  • Troubleshooting obstacles to student success

Retention Rates Fall 2018 to Fall 2019

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interactions per year


of coaches believe they
are making an impact

“This partnership taps the potential of one of our most powerful assets, recent graduates, who are uniquely equipped to mentor students following in their footsteps.”

Alisa White
Former President, Austin Peay State University

“It’s about helping students build relationships that create stronger connections to our campus community. It’s about supporting students as they navigate the transition to university life.”

Dr. Loretta Griffy
Associate Vice President for Student Success and Strategic Initiatives, Austin Peay State University

“It is already abundantly clear that the College Possible coaches reach students that professional staff and faculty struggle to connect with, and reach them in ways we can’t. There is clearly no substitute for near-peers who have lived the most challenging dimensions of their experience, particularly for first-year students struggling to acclimate to residential college living.”

Gina Hausknect, Coe College

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