Partnership Benefits

Partnership Benefits

  • On-campus coaches

    Catalyze partners hire, train and manage their own AmeriCorps coaches with the guidance of College Possible. Using the Catalyze curriculum and extensive training from College Possible, these on-campus coaches support students through their college journey. Coaches can help with:

    • Financial aid renewal
    • Course registration
    • Scholarships
    • Social-emotional skill development
    • Connecting with campus resources
  • Research-based curriculum

    College Possible coaches will use our research-based, student-facing curriculum to guide students through their college experience. The curriculum is specifically focused on retention and graduation of students from low-income backgrounds. Our decades of work with students have demonstrated that those from low-income backgrounds can be derailed by a lack of information, financial concerns or even low self-esteem. The Catalyze curriculum addresses these obstacles with modules such as:

    • Academic support resources
    • Connecting on campus
    • FAFSA resources
    • Supporting students in crisis
    • Loans and scholarships
    • Account balances
  • Onboarding & training

    College Possible coaches and their campus supervisors benefit from onboarding and ongoing training from our staff, including:

    • In-person training twice per year
    • E-learning modules and resources in our learning management system
    • Virtual meetings, workshops and seminars
    • Training from outside experts


    Coach supervisors also receive guidance and support from College Possible staff, including:

    • Regular contact with a designated College Possible program adviser
    • Monthly meetings with College Possible staff
  • Community of practice

    College Possible coaches have access to a community of practice with other near-peer coaches across the country. This network helps coaches navigate obstacles and generate resources for students. Coaches can access virtual collaboration tools to discuss topics such as:

    • Successful coaching methods
    • Effective student outreach techniques
    • Troubleshooting obstacles to student success
  • Data and evaluation

    College Possible works with Catalyze partners to set institution-specific goals for program enrollment, student interaction, financial aid renewal and student retention. Together, we will use this information to assess progress and impact, ensuring that goals are being met. As a partner, you will receive:

    • Licenses for Salesforce
    • Bi-annual impact reports, including program evaluation from College Possible coaches and students
    • The opportunity to address your specific research questions in our evaluations
  • Management of AmeriCorps grant

    College Possible has extensive experience managing the AmeriCorps grant application process. To support Catalyze partner institutions as they hire, train and manage their own coach candidates, College Possible will:

    • Write, secure and manage AmeriCorps grants for all coaches;
    • Complete regular performance and budget reports associated with Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and state commission funding; and
    • Ensure institutions are in compliance with AmeriCorps grant requirements.
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