Coaching Model

Coaching Model

The power of Catalyze lies in the College Possible near-peer coaching model. College Possible coaches are recent college graduates themselves, and many come from similar backgrounds as the students they serve. This allows them to relate to the perspectives and experiences of the students they mentor, creating a unique level of trust and accountability within the coaching relationship.

Multiple studies have validated that a student’s relationship with a coach close to their age produces significant positive outcomes, including:

  • Higher course completion rates
  • Better grades
  • Increased knowledge of campus resources
  • Improved ability to work through difficulties in college
  • Higher self-esteem

Catalyze partners hire, train and manage their own AmeriCorps coaches with the guidance and ongoing support of College Possible. Using the Catalyze curriculum and extensive training from College Possible, these on-campus coaches guide and support students through their college journey by engaging in the following activities:

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