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Melody was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV as a first-generation Eritrean American. Her parents immigrated from Eritrea and Ethiopia fleeing a time of war in hopes of creating a better life for themselves and their families. Growing up in an immigrant household she and her family were faced with many challenges in every part of life and as an adult, she understands the importance of being aware of the resources available in order to maximize our opportunities in this country. Giving back to her community has become a high priority for Melody as a result of her life experiences and she hopes to leave a lasting impact through College Possible as well as her other avenues of interest. Melody enjoys traveling and learning about the history of the different parts of the world and their people and finds so much value in those experiences. She enjoys spending time in the park or hiking with her two-year-old Dalmatian Penny mainly to drain her of all her energy. She also has an obsession with music and movies from all eras/genres and food as a wannabe vegan. 

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