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Why We Serve

With the College Possible program year underway, AmeriCorps members in Minnesota have been reflecting on what brings them to education equity work. Choosing to embark upon a year of service through AmeriCorps is a commitment to their own professional development and to the community. And every reason for service is unique.

Hear from three AmeriCorps coaches about what brought them to College Possible this year.

Full Circle:

“I serve because I want to support current students much in the way I was supported by my [College Possible] coaches while I was a student in the program. Growing up, it seemed pretty straightforward that I would be going to college right after I was done with high school, and fortunately for me being a student in College Possible that was surely the case. Reflecting back to my time in high school while I was attending Hamline University, I realized that I really wouldn’t have been where I was without College Possible or any other college access program I was involved in. As a first-generation student, I would have never known how or where to turn to even begin my college journey. For that I’m extremely thankful and I want to provide the same support for other students so that they can also pursue and enjoy a fulfilling college experience.”

-Alex Aguirre


“Coming from a similar background as the students College Possible serves, I wanted to help serve students who I can connect with in that way. I wouldn’t have made it through college without the constant mentorship and help from TRiO Student Support Services. Both TRiO and College Possible are different, but aim to achieve the same goal.”

– Evelyn Aguilar




The Students:

“I chose to return for a second year at College Possible ultimately because of my students. Last year, I had the opportunity to meet some awesome individuals who I learned a lot from both personally and professionally. This year, I get to have the same experience. Plus, I get to work with a lot of the same students as I did last year which means I continue to watch their growth. Every day, I am constantly amazed by the things my students are doing. It makes me think “I want to be them when I grow-up.”

Adrienne Verma


Learn more about how College Possible leverages the power of passionate and dedicated college graduates through the AmeriCorps model here. College Possible is incredibly grateful for all of our AmeriCorps members, past, present and future.

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