What has been accomplished this year?

College Possible Portland students and AmeriCorps coaches have made tremendous achievements this year through their incredible hard work and dedication. These preliminary results will grow over the next few months, but provide a good look at the progress our students have made toward college graduation.

  • 96 percent of seniors have completed the financial aid process.
  • $1,049,575 in scholarships have been awarded to College Possible Oregon seniors.
  • 99 percent of students have applied to at least one college.
  • 97 percent of high school seniors have earned admission to college.
  • 18 percent average ACT score increase achieved by our juniors.
  • High school juniors are currently applying to summer enrichment programs.
  • We’re well on our way to recruiting a full class of qualified, motivated high school sophomores to begin College Possible programming next year.
  • The high school class of 2016 had a first year college retention rate of 85 percent.

Join us in cheering on our students and AmeriCorps coaches as they work hard to finish out the year!

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