We Look Back on the Year with Gratitude

Terms of service wrap up for our 38 AmeriCorps members this week and we want to say thank you to each and every one of them!

As part of their year of service, we ask AmeriCorps members to reflect back on their term and share their stories. These can be about anything: their students, something personal, their colleagues, what they’ve learned working for College Possible… anything!

Read the letter a senior high school coach wrote to her student:

Megan Harvey PDXHappy Graduation

By Megan Harvey

Dear High School Graduate, Future College Graduate and Future Sustainable Community Developer of a Lucky Community:

It is hard to believe that your senior year has come to a close. It’s been filled with ups and downs and twists and turns, and with every twist and turn, you’ve grown and you’ve shone. I am so proud of you.

Looking back on my first day at Rainier Jr/Sr High School in September, I was filled with excitement and nervous energy. I wondered about who the College Possible seniors would be. I wondered a lot about what would happen if none of you liked me after the first session and you all decided to drop the program (the fear was real). We bonded instantly over our love of fruits and vegetables. It was amazingly weird. We joked, we laughed and you proclaimed to the group that you had a good feeling about me. It was a simple moment, but I need to thank you for it. Thank you for providing me with a sense of calm and acceptance on my first day. And thank you for being your cheerful, free spirited, motivated, responsible, reflective, passionate, positive, energetic, silly self in all our conversations.

I know this year has not always been easy. At times, you have been fed up and weighed down by the stress of school and work and friends and health. Despite these many challenges, you have displayed incredible grace and resiliency through it all. Seriously. You’ve written essays, completed assignments, taken exams, met with teachers, applied to scholarships and colleges, and worked countless hours at your job.  At the beginning of the year, you wanted to attend Portland Community College with Oregon Promise. You were set on it. But your passion and drive to make the world a more sustainable place motivated you to apply to Northland College, and of course, you were accepted. Hearing the excitement in your voice as you shared about your fly-in visit to Northland warmed my heart (and made me tear up a little). I am so excited for what’s to come: Your orientation outdoor trip, the Sustainable Community Development program, meatless Mondays, your first Wisconsin winter, the friends you’ll meet, the unshaved armpits, cardboard pens, the reuse room. I know it will be a place where you will be loved, celebrated and accepted.

Autumn, you will rock it.

And so, through the twists and turns of life, know that I will always be here for you. As you enter your next chapter (as a college freshman!!!), continue to exude passion and exuberance. Continue to positively impact the people around you. Continue to strive to make the world a more sustainable place for us and for future generations. You have and will continue to inspire me, and I am grateful for every opportunity I’ve had to work with you this year.

Congratulations! Happy Graduation!




P.S. One time you told me that you thought we were buds, but you weren’t sure if I thought we were buds. I do. Thanks, Autumn, for being my bud.

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