Seizing Opportunities

If a high school sophomore asked Alison whether they should join College Possible, she wouldn’t say much. She would simply tell them to do it.

This fall, Alison is a freshman at Warner Pacific College studying education. Alison’s transition to college has been smooth, thanks in part to preparation she had as a College Possible student in high school.

“I’ve developed confidence in myself so much through College Possible,” she says. “I have no problem advocating for myself because my coach has pushed me to do it so many times. That is one of the biggest things in College Possible. You have someone to help you, but you are your own advocate.”

Alison’s confidence in herself has led her to take opportunities and run with them – like in her senior year of high school, Alison participated in the Dual Credit Education250 Partnership offered by David Douglas High School and Warner Pacific College.

By taking advantage of this partnership, Alison was able to take a college course on campus at Warner Pacific while still in high school. She received college credit and got ahead in her degree program. When she arrived on campus this fall, she was already in the know.

Alison always hoped she would go to college, and her participation in College Possible reaffirmed that she could. For her, it was the cost of college that felt like the biggest barrier to making her goals a reality.

“I never wanted to run the numbers because I knew they weren’t in my favor. And they still aren’t, but I’m trucking through. I never felt like my money or my family’s income was going to set me back, and I really appreciated that sentiment from College Possible.”

Alison’s confidence and willingness to seize these opportunities have helped make her transition to college a smooth one, but where does she see herself in four years?

“I will still resemble the same hard-headed, loud girl that I am now, but I feel like I will be well prepared for the real world. I’ll have a good set of values that I’ve developed in this program, through college and through my trials in high school. I’ll always remember where I came from and what I’ve been through, and, you know, if I have a niece or nephew who is talking about College Possible, I’ll tell them to get in there!”

Alison’s story shares many common themes with other College Possible students. Like many of her peers, she has built strength by facing adversity and used that strength to overcome huge barriers to earning a college degree. College Possible students are resilient, determined, incredibly motivated and care deeply about their communities. They get in there and seize opportunities; we simply provide the support they deserve along the way.

Currently, College Possible Portland is featured in Willamette Week’s Give!Guide. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to provide students with support and resources they deserve on their journey to earning a college degree. We hope you will seize the opportunity to support students like Alison and make a donation today.

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