• 5 Things Low-Income Students Would Change About Financial Aid

    As the First Lady introduces a new initiative to create more college graduates and the Obama administration moves to simplify the FAFSA, many Americans have responded with confusion; how could a bit of paperwork deter young people from attending college? In fact, the FAFSA is just the beginning of a complex set of obstacles low-income […]

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  • Reaching across Minnesota

    College Possible has launched a Tech-Connected pilot program to reach Minnesota high school students wherever they live. We know there are 12,000 students on free-or-reduced lunch graduating from high school each year who could benefit from our program. With your support we hope to reach 300 students with this pilot in its first year.

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  • Serving suburban students

    The share of families living in poverty in the Twin Cities suburbs is rising, and now exceeds the total number of families in poverty in Minneapolis and St. Paul combined, according to a recent Met Council report. This fall, College Possible launched a two-year pilot at Edina High School, funded by the Edina School District and community, to learn more about the unique challenges and needs of low-income students in suburban areas.

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  • Why Do We Serve?

    28 AmeriCorps and VISTA members are serving with College Possible Omaha in 2015-16! Read why these idealistic leaders choose to devote a year to help Omaha students pursue their college dreams.

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  • Chicago students embrace College Possible

    Student applications are rolling in at Marine Leadership Academy, Bowen High School, and Thomas Kelly High School, where AmeriCorps members serving with College Possible Chicago are reaching motivated students ready to make their college goals a reality.

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  • What’s The Real Cost of College?

    College Possible students offer proof that the only thing more expensive then college is skipping college.   Due to the soaring sticker price of college tuition, too many Americans perceive college to be out of reach and only for the wealthy. However, the scholarships and aid available to apply for college along with the higher wages […]

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  • Realizing Opportunities at Carleton

    After attending Carleton College, Carlos said he realized “that anyone can be a computer scientist.” Now, Carlos believes the program opened the doors on what type of college he can go to.

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  • Spirit Mountain Community fund continues support of low-income, college-bound students

    The Spirit Mountain Community Fund has awarded College Possible Portland a $25,000 grant to help support our newest partner school, Madison High School. Spirit Mountain notes that “there are so many obstacles that can derail a kid’s plan for college, and this program helps keep them on the path to achievement by working through or removing those obstacles.”

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  • Meet Jessica

    “Making it through college, a step that people think is impossible for students with backgrounds like mine, is the most amazing thing.”

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  • Meet Huy

    “If I could describe my experience as a college student in one word—it would be ‘amazing!'”

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