Omaha Community Partner of the Month: DREAMBIG Academy

College Possible Omaha is honored to recognize the DREAMBIG Academy through the University of Nebraska at Lincoln as our Community Partner of the Month!

The DREAMBIG Academy provides a week-long academic experience for diverse, incoming high school seniors. Students accepted to the DREAMBIG Academy spend a week at UNL to learn more about leadership, networking, and overall career skills while living on campus.

“The DREAMBIG Academy is unique, because it is a free camp for students to get exposure to living on a college campus, discovering what it takes to become a college student” said Wendy Hunt, an Academic Adviser at UNL and a coordinator of the DREAMBIG Academy. “The College Possible students make the most of this opportunity.”

“DREAMBIG provides the incredible opportunity for students to experience what it’s like to be a college student first-hand by staying on campus, learning about the unique opportunities UNL offers through the College of Business Administration, and just generally having a blast.” says Katie Cunningham, program manager at College Possible Omaha. “We are grateful the students we serve have such an enriching opportunity here in Nebraska.”

Thank you to the DREAMBIG Academy for all you do to support Nebraska students. We are excited to send more students we serve to UNL this summer!

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