Meet the Metro Coaches

If you ever get the chance to walk the Metropolitan Community College – South Omaha Campus during the day, you may run into two College Possible coaches, Abbie Herbert and Arturo Rodriguez.

Abbie and Arturo are located on the second floor of Metro Community College where they are available to support and guide their students through transferring two-year college credit to a bachelor degree granting institute, which at times can be confusing, especially for first-generation students.

“I love being a college coach at Metro because every day is something new,” says Abbie who is a second year AmeriCorps coach. Campus-based college coaches are an integral part of the college program. College Possible continues to serve students throughout their college career as they work toward graduation and workforce entry. These college coaches provide support to foster college enrollment, persistence and graduation by addressing common academic and financial barriers that students may run into all while being readily available on campus.

“Serving as a college coach at Metro is a great experience. I can relate to the students because I was in the same place when I was in college going through similar challenges. I can better understand how they feel and help them through it knowing they won’t have to go through it alone. I want them to know that they never have to give up and keep pushing through to get that degree.” Says Arturo, who is serving his first year as an AmeriCorps coach.

Abbie and Arturo are just two of the 11 college coaches whose focus is on their students succeeding in college academics, financial education, campus connections, transferring or re-enrolling and career preparation.

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