Making the Move to Philadelphia

When Sarah Barry decided to move from her home state of North Carolina to Philadelphia to serve with College Possible, she was taking a risk.

“My background is not in education,” says Sarah. “I was a psychology major in college. During my senior year at the University of North Carolina, a professor showed my class a video about inequitable funding in education. It got me fired up and motivated to do something.”

Inspired by her older sister’s service as an AmeriCorps member, Sarah was compelled to sign up to receive emails about different programs from AmeriCorps.

“One day I noticed an email that listed openings with College Possible. After doing research, I felt really connected to the work. I had been given so much support in college that I wanted my chance to give back,” she explains.

After applying to College Possible in February 2016, Sarah was pleased to learn that she had been offered the position as a college coach in Philadelphia in April 2016, which was her first choice. “What I love most about Philadelphia is that you get all the amenities of a large city but is very affordable to live in.”

Now in her second year of service, Sarah is thankful for College Possible and the opportunities it has afforded her.

“College Possible has provided me with the tools and training I need to be successful in the education field,” she says. “It has given me the opportunity to do meaningful work that makes an impact on the lives of my students. They are why I decided to stay for a second term of service.”

Not only has College Possible provided her with excellent resources, she also credits the organization’s culture with creating a positive transition.

After her second year of service has ended, Sarah plans to stay in higher education.

“Since I started with College Possible, I’ve worked with so many incredible students who inspire me to keep fighting for a more equal and just education system.”

To anyone consider a year of service, Sarah has one piece of advice: “Do it. It is a chance to not only give back and do good work, but you also get the opportunity to learn so much about yourself and what you want to do in life.”

Interested in giving back like Sarah? Apply now to serve with College Possible.

By Ian Reitz

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