Warner Pacific University Leads the Way with Instant Warner Pacific Days

Don’t you love it when you try something new and it works?

Students participate in Instant Warner Pacific Days

Warner Pacific University’s newest initiative, Instant Warner Pacific Days, was created especially for College Possible students to encourage more college applications. Last month, an admissions counselor from the university visited all six of our local high schools in east Multnomah County during after-school session times. The counselor gave an overview of the school and then gave students time to work on their applications. After students had completed their applications, they had the chance to sit down with the admissions counselor and a decision was made on the spot about their admittance.

“We really enjoyed getting face-to-face time with so many College Possible students. It’s always a better experience on both sides when we can talk about admissions in person and really get to know the students,” said Kidesti Tadesse, director of admission at Warner Pacific University.

How do we know the new approach works? Students completed 51 applications and many earned admission on the spot, including Kyi Ki:

Kyi Ki, a College Possible senior at Gresham High School, had her sights set on going to a local community college because it seemed more affordable and would likely be an easy transition, allowing her a few more years to continue developing her English language skills. Warner Pacific University wasn’t on Kyi Ki’s radar as a possibility until she heard directly from the admissions counselor during her College Possible session. Kyi Ki learned about additional supports that Warner Pacific University has on campus for first-generation students, and how invested the staff and faculty would be in her success as a student. Since she was in session already, she decided to submit an application… and was accepted! Kyi Ki is now thinking differently about what her options are for next year and what path might be the best one for her to take.

Warner Pacific University is a valued Bridge partner, working closely with the College Possible team throughout the year to increase the number of completed applications and strengthen communication between students and the university. We look forward to hosting Instant Warner Pacific Days again next year!

If you know of a college or university interested in collaborating with College Possible, we would love to talk with you. Please reach out to our program manager, Margarita Gutierrez Lemus, at

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