“I have the work ethic to do whatever I want”

“I want to be a heart surgeon and open my own dance studio by age 20,” Upper Darby High School Senior Missy says with a vibrant determination.

From a very early age, Missy has had two constants in her life: dance and hospitals.

“I picked up dancing very young. My parents let me start going to dance classes at two or three.”

Many of Missy’s family members work in the medical field, and she has been inspired to pursue pre-medicine in college by all of the medical personnel that she has interacted with over the years. It’s a career that fulfills her passion for helping others and is also something she can see herself enjoying.

At such a young age, balancing these two very different dreams has been challenging and discouraging at times, leaving Missy to question her own capabilities. Things really began to turn around for Missy after meeting with her College Possible coach.

“Rachel has looked at my high school career and has seen that I have the work ethic to do whatever I want. I feel like I am back on track and I’m excited about the college search process.”

During a visit to Explore partner West Chester University, one of the many universities she is considering, Missy felt at home. “I can see myself there. They have a lot of clubs and organizations I see being a part of.”

Wherever Missy ends up and whichever career path she chooses to pursue—medicine, dance or something else entirely—she knows that her College Possible coach will be there to guide her.

By Ian Reitz

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