Gaining Appreciation

As Jared Deveau prepared for college graduation, he contemplated how he wanted to begin his career.

“After college, I wanted to go into the education field, but I also wanted to give back,” says Jared, a high school junior coach at Jules E. Mastbuam and Murrell Dobbins Career and Technical Education High School in Philadelphia, Pa.

An economics major at Haverford College in Pennsylvania, Jared found out about College Possible through the college’s career counseling center.

“College Possible stood out to me from other organizations and opportunities I was researching because it provided me the chance to get involved in education while also being a service opportunity.”

After applying to College Possible in February 2017, he accepted a position as a coach in April for the Philadelphia site. “I wanted to stay in Philadelphia because the city has so much to offer, and it’s a really affordable city.”

As a coach, Jared is responsible for guiding his students on their first steps toward applying for college. “We start the year by having conversations about what college is, how to get there, and what benefits there are to attending. After that, we go into SAT prep. Once they’ve taken the SATs, we get ready for senior year.”

Jared spent most of his life playing sports, specifically baseball. “I learned a lot about myself and how to be a leader and can use those skills in the classroom,” explains Jared. “When I’m working with students, I help them to play up their strengths, and we create a plan to overcome challenges.”

Since joining College Possible, Jared has had a lot of personal growth. “I’ve gained a new appreciation for the fact that there is so much beneath the surface of what you see in a person,” says Jared. “People don’t often recognize the hard work of our students and their untapped potential. At College Possible, we’re helping students advocate for themselves and to reassure them that they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to.”

For anyone interested in education or who has a passion for service and helping others, Jared recommends applying to College Possible. “It is a truly powerful and rewarding experience to serve and coach so many incredible students.”

Interested in giving back like Jared? Apply now to serve with College Possible.

By Ian Reitz

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