College Possible Philadelphia Temple Food Pantry Donation

During its first event of the New Year, It’s a Matter of Degrees: Cocktails and Conversation, College Possible Philadelphia utilized its platform to shed light on the growing concern of food scarcity on college campuses across America. Guests were invited to bring nonperishable goods to be donated to Temple University’s first on-campus food pantry.

An estimated 35% of Temple’s undergraduate students experience “low” or “very low” food insecurity.

College Possible Philadelphia College Coach Sarah Barry initially proposed the idea as a complement to the event on Monday, January 29 as many students in the program attend Temple University.

“Food insecurity is a major issue that impacts our students,” says Sarah. “Last year I had a student who went two months without buying a textbook for his favorite class because he had to choose to buy food instead. Our students should focus on studying, not where their next meal is coming from.”

By Ian Reitz
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