College Possible Delivers: ‘Gold Standard’ Harvard Evaluation Findings Released

Findings from a rigorous Harvard evaluation show that College Possible’s approach to unlocking the academic potential of low-income students is effective, as students served are significantly more likely to enroll in a four year college.

“The program is not only doing a good job—it’s doing a great job,” said Harvard professor Chris Avery, who conducted the evaluation. “Students are applying much more ambitiously to four year colleges.”

College Possible’s program model, centered on tailored, intensive coaching of low-income students through college graduation, is the first to show significant positive results using randomized controls, which are considered to be the gold standard of evaluation.

“We’re very thrilled about this. We believe it’s the first randomized controlled trial of its kind in the college access and success field…it’s going to bode well for the future of low-income kids,” said Jim McCorkell, College Possible Founder & CEO.

Listen to a forum discussing the evaluation’s findings with Jim McCorkell, Dr. Chris Avery, and national education and workforce experts, read media coverage of College Possible’s evaluation results, and view an infographic showing how College Possible’s model can close America’s college degree gap.

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