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Student Spotlight: Marysue

At a young age, Marysue saw what having a supportive speech-language pathologist can do for autistic individuals. With two autistic brothers, she became very involved in the autistic community and saw how people treated them differently based on their abilities.…

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Great Story: Newborns and Jazz Horns

I’m very often amazed by how well my students have handled some of life’s most unexpected situations. During our guided conversations, I like to check in with my students to make sure they’ve not only completed their milestones but also…

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Champions group photo

Omaha Welcomes New and Returning Champions

Champions for College Possible welcomes seven new members for the 2022-23 school year. The young professional’s auxiliary board served as a cohort of nine for the 2021-2022 program year and worked alongside College Possible staff to deliver training and informational…

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Great Story: Ripples of Service

At College Possible, we have the opportunity to share “ripples” every Friday. Ripples are moments in our lives that illustrate the impact of College Possible. Much like the impact of a ripple in the water, these experiences spread far and…

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Great Story: Catalyst

It is a testament to the importance of AmeriCorps service that so many College Possible students have overcome enormous challenges to be where they are today. They have all come far and still have further yet to go, and it…

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Eh Tha You

Student Spotlight: Eh Tha You

Eh Tha You Paw was one of the keynote speakers at College Possible Omaha’s 10 Year Service Anniversary Celebration in May 2022. Paw recently graduated from Benson High School in Omaha and will attend the University of North Carolina at…

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