A Future in Silicon Valley

While many people are spending time searching Google for their next job, Penn Wood High School Senior Nieme Brooker plans to make Google his next job.

“Growing up, I loved playing video games. Around eighth grade I started to get really interested in how video games were created. How can you tell a computer to make an aircraft go this direction or that direction? That really sparked my curiosity about computer science.”

With the help of his College Possible Philadelphia senior high school coach Brooke Moscow, Nieme applied to Carnegie Melon University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Temple University, and The University of Pennsylvania.

“When I was researching schools to apply to, I focused on the connections these institutions had to firms like Google and Intel. It was also important to me to research the number of students that were employed [at these companies] before graduation.”

Nieme is focused on obtaining a dual degree in computer engineering and computer science.

Like Nieme, seniors in the high school program at College Possible Philadelphia receive support and coaching around what colleges they should apply to in the first half of the year, and in the second semester, students focus on scholarships and financial aid.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, College Possible Philadelphia is serving 187 senior students in six high schools in Philadelphia and Delaware Counties. Of those 187 senior students, College Possible Philadelphia reports that 180 have applied to one college, 171 students have applied to three colleges, and 140 students have applied to five colleges.

In addition to applying to more than one college, Nieme has ambitious goals for his first year of college and beyond: making the Dean’s List and improving his networking skills. While in college, he also wants to explore different areas of technologies so he can better find his niche.

Being able to find his passion and hone his skills, Nieme knows that it will make him a much more competitive applicant when applying to Google and other major firms in Silicon Valley.

During his time with College Possible, Nieme has credited his coach Brooke as a huge asset to his success. “Brooke has been so supportive in navigating the college application process,” says Nieme. “She has really been with me every step of the way to guide me and keep me on track.”

Having coached throughout his junior and senior years, Brooke has seen Nieme come into his own. “When I first met Nieme, I recognized immediately that he was intelligent and hardworking. He’s really focused on not just preparing for college but for succeeding in it, which has been incredible to watch and help support.”

As Nieme spends time envisioning his future in Silicon Valley, he is thankful for College Possible. “It’s so great knowing that I have an organization that wants to help me succeed and fulfill my dreams.”

By Ian Reitz

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