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Student Of Color Writing On Chalboard
College Forward, now part of College Possible

As part of our continued commitment to deepen our impact and scale meaningful student outcomes, College Forward became part of College Possible on July 1, 2021

College Forward is a values-aligned Austin, Texas-based nonprofit that implements a very similar program model and has been a trusted industry partner for nearly 20 years. By combining organizations, we will reinforce our foundational programming, expand our national reach, and evolve our service model and capacity to meet the needs of students long into the future. Read the full announcement

“Together, we have the opportunity to create an even more accessible, on-demand and inclusive service model for students, while also producing new pathways to serve significantly more students in the future,” said Austin Buchan, former College Forward CEO.


College Forward will continue to manage an independent brand identity and website through December 2023 to ensure the successful integration of the organization into College Possible.

Visit the College Forward website to learn more about our work throughout Texas.

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