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College Forward

As part of our continued commitment to deepen our impact and scale meaningful student outcomes, College Forward became part of College Possible on July 1, 2021. College Forward is a values-aligned Austin, Texas-based nonprofit that implements a very similar program model and has been a trusted industry partner for nearly 20 years. By combining organizations, we will reinforce our foundational programming, expand our national reach, and evolve our service model and capacity to meet the needs of students long into the future.

“With the addition of College Forward, we have the opportunity to build upon our existing programming — expanding innovative virtual student engagement with CoFo Connect, driving data-driven interventions with real-time student data via CoPilot, scaling college success programming via Catalyze, and extending our reach to rural communities via our Navigate program, just to name a few,” said Craig Robinson, CEO of College Possible.

College Forward is a college access and success organization that specializes in coaching low-income and first-generation students to and through college. Through strategic partnerships, innovative technology, and students-first policy initiatives, College Forward aims to reshape the higher education experience for underserved students across the nation. Since its founding in 2003, College Forward has grown from a cohort of 30 high school students to an organization serving over 6,000 high school and college students each year.

College Forward has grown from a local college access program to become a national leader in the higher education nonprofit industry. In 2005, it expanded its programming to offer college completion services, becoming one of the first organizations in the country to provide college persistence support. It also created a unique student information system: CoPilot, which is used to manage students’ data and is licensed to partners nationwide who together support more than 350,000 students.

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