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At College Possible we push for results on behalf of our students and use the most thorough evaluations available to test and improve our programming and coaching. We remind ourselves that each number represents the experiences of real students. In 2013, we tested our approach using a randomized controlled trial, which is considered the “gold standard” of evaluation. More recently, the impact of our model was proven again in a rigorous three-year study conducted by the Hope Lab. Read more about our findings.


Alumni Survey

In the fall of 2019, College Possible completed our first ever survey of high school flagship program alumni who have earned a bachelor’s degree. The goal of the survey was to provide insight into the well-being of graduates five and 10 years after graduation. The survey asked a broad range of questions, encompassing topics such as education, finances, employment, family life and civic engagement.

Read the Results


Hope Lab Study

A three-year study commissioned by College Possible Milwaukee and implemented by Wisconsin HOPE Lab has shown that high school students served by College Possible are 30 percent more likely to enroll in college the year after high school graduation than their peers, and are more likely to enroll in four-year and selective institutions.

Read the Summary (PDF)

U.S. Department of the Treasury Study

As part of the Financial Empowerment Innovation Fund, the U.S. Department of the Treasury contracted with College Possible to conduct a three-year exploratory study of the program to examine the association between College Possible’s near-peer financial coaching approach—which includes a targeted curriculum, use of publicly available financial tools and access to a near-peer coach who provides mentoring and coaching—and changes in students’ knowledge in the areas of financial literacy, financial preparedness and college decision-making.

Read the Research Brief (PDF)


White House Report: Increasing College Opportunity for Low-Income Students

College Possible is highlighted as a solution in this report, released at the 2014 White House summit on college success.

Read the report (PDF)


Harvard Randomized Controlled Trial

The "gold standard" of program evaluation finds College Possible students are significantly more likely to enroll in four-year colleges.

Read the summary (PDF)

Read the report (NBER website)

ICF International - Evaluation of Postsecondary Outcomes

“College Possible coaching overcomes disparities.”

Read the report (PDF)


Harvard Comparative Historical Analysis

College Possible more than doubles the chances a low-income student will enroll in a four-year institution.

Read the report (PDF)

ICF International - Program Evaluation

College Possible increases students’ ACT scores by 23 percent and 99 percent of students are accepted to college.

Read the report (PDF)


American Youth Policy Forum - Program to Watch

Read the report


Wilder Foundation Research - Program Evaluation

100 percent of College Possible students are accepted to college. 92 percent of students report their coaches will “do whatever it takes” to help them.

Read the report (PDF)

An Investment Letter for Minnesota Philanthropists Social Return on Investment Analysis

College Possible delivers a 333 percent return on investment over a student's life.

Read the report (PDF)

Annual Impact Report

View our Annual Impact Report at

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